Demi Isaac Oviawe

  • Actor

Video clips

The Making Of The Young Offenders Series 2

The cast of The Young Offenders take us behind the scenes and explain what it's like on set of the hit show.

The Young Offenders - Truth Or Dare

Sometimes the only way to truly straighten things out is with Truth or Dare.

The Young Offenders - The Four Plays

For Conor's first time, it's essential Jock teaches him the Four Plays.

The Young Offenders sing at Jock's Mam's grave

Conor, Jock, Siobhan and Linda visit the grave of Jock's mother, and sing her favourite song.

The Young Offenders - Practicing asking a girl on a date

Conor seeks relationship advice from Jock, as their friendships with Principal Walsh's daughters Linda and Siobhan intensify.

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