Declan Hill
Declan Hill

Declan Hill

  • British
  • Producer, editor, script editor and teacher
Declan Hill

Declan has proven expertise to add value to a sitcom script and take it to the next level.

Year Production Role
2005 Parsons And Naylor's Pull-Out Sections - Series 8
  1. E6 - Episode Six
Writer (Additional Material)
Declan Yeomans-Hill
Home town
Resident of
United Kingdom (Grantham)

Declan started out in the world of sitcom development as a writer and actor with The Sitcom Trials. His own sitcom, Singing the Blues, was one of the three winners of TAPS (Television and Performing Showcase) and was filmed at ITV Studios starring Tom Chadbon and Emmerdale's Rebecca Sarker. Declan then moved into production as co-producer of The Sitcom Trials and then co-producer of The Sitcom Mission from 2008-2018, including two years as a co-production with top TV indie Hat Trick.

Whilst with The Sitcom Mission, Declan helped a number of writers secure options on their work which then went into development. He also co-wrote the Amazon 5* book, Your Sitcom Mission... Should You Choose to Accept It, alongside co-producer Simon Wright and comedy guru John Vorhaus.

Since moving on from The Sitcom Mission, Declan has written a blog on the cross-over between sitcoms and advertising, and acted as creative consultant to MATES: The Improvised 90s Sitcom, which won the Theatre Review award for best improv show in Edinburgh 2022. He also script reads and writes feedback for Short Com's Sitcom Writing competition and teaches Sitcom Writing for We Are Funny Project.

Declan is not only incredibly knowledgeable about the art of crafting and shaping sitcoms, he's also a genuinely nice bloke. We met him at the start of our TV writing careers, and entering his Sitcom Mission was one of the major stepping stones in allowing us to break into the industry - not just because of his advice, but because of his ability to charm major industry figures into paying attention. What we appreciated most was that Declan wasn't interested in saying 'this is the right way to do this', but instead worked with us to hone our work to our own satisfaction.

Andrew Jones and Ciaran Murtagh, 2019

"Declan Hill knows the laws of sitcoms inside out. The best kind of notes you can ask for are ones that make you think and not just tell you that you are wrong. And Declan does that with ease, honesty and precision. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the genre, which is essential in trying to assess a script's target audience. Why your characters, structure, story and jokes work, or not. Following Declan's notes will help your writing and script no end."

Short Com (Chris Aitken)

"I won the Sitcom Mission in 2018 and can't thank Declan enough for all his help. His script notes were clear and incisive, pointing out things I would never have noticed. As a result of the competition, my script was optioned by a production company, it's in development and being pitched to national broadcasters."

Cassie Jauffret-Lenzi

Declan knows the sitcom genre inside and out. He's a brilliant teacher and his insights are second to none.

MATES: The Improvised 90s Sitcom (Rachel Thorn)

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