Daniel Carter Hope
Daniel Carter Hope

Daniel Carter Hope

  • English
  • Actor, comedian, writer, author, composer, improviser, musical comedian, musical creative, musician and presenter

Video clips

Love Handles

A tribute to the irreplaceable Bradford C. Gross. A song he wrote and insisted AllDan Brothers Band play at every gig...

Laur and Disorder

A comedy about an undercover police operation. This was the winner of Edinburgh International TV Festival's Test Card Award for 'Best Scripted Pilot'.

Wind Turbines: A blight on the landscape

This man has a thing or two to say about wind turbines, green tax and the state of the country.

Thanks a bunch

A discussion on how you should sign off your emails.

Enlarge Corp Marketing

A look in on a meeting which aims to work out why Enlarge Corp is not currently managing to help more men in the downstairs trouser department.

The Furred Man - Trailer

The trailer for the award winning horror comedy short film The Furred Man.

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