Claire Smith

Why you should always seek out and watch bad live shows

"Saw my first really terrible show yesterday. What a relief after so much brilliance." That is what Claire Smith, esteemed comedy critic and Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards judge, posted on her Facebook page this morning.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 19th August 2019

Sofie's choice

Shed the shame, not the pounds, says Danish comedian Sofie Hagen.

Claire Smith, Edinburgh Festivals, 25th July 2019

Interview: Kathy Lette makes her Fringe debut

Kathy Lette has been famous since she was 17, and this is her first appearance at the Fringe, but she's a big hit at book festivals and getting people to laugh has never been a problem for her, discovers Claire Smith.

Claire Smith, The Scotsman, 4th August 2018

Live Review: The Battle for Icetopia

The whole enterprise, produced by Alex Hardy and written and directed by Adam Larter has a wonderful "We can't believe we are doing this" atmosphere. It is a glorious triumph of collaborative effort.

Claire Smith, Beyond The Joke, 15th October 2017

9 things to know about the Edinburgh Comedy Awards

1) It's not a fix. Every year there are conspiracy theories about what the Edinburgh Comedy Awards panel members are looking for. You need to be a thin white male wearing tight trousers. It's all about clowning this year. They need to give the award to a woman. The big PR people and the big producers already have the whole thing sewn up. Everyone in the industry already knows who is going to win.

Claire Smith, The Scotsman, 23rd August 2017

Sophie Willan on her life coaching Fringe show

A social worker once labelled six-year-old Sophie Willan "rebellious, disruptive and rude".

Claire Smith, The Scotsman, 8th August 2017

Courtney Act is changing the world one selfie at a time

From the moment she hurtles on to the stage on ruby red rollerskates, Courtney Act gives it all she's got - taking us from ballads to disco to rock, with three sensational costume changes along the way.

Claire Smith, The Scotsman, 7th August 2017

Festival preview: Wild Bore

Wild Bore might show you some buttocks, but it won't give you a bum steer on bad reviews, Claire Smith discovers.

Claire Smith, The Scotsman, 5th August 2017