Chris Head.

Chris Head - Creating Comedy Narratives For Stage And Screen

Chris Head - Creating Comedy Narratives For Stage And Screen

Today's comedy writers and performers tend to have portfolio careers, working within a range of contexts and across a selection of genres. Naturally, techniques, skills and insights acquired in one context are used across many.

This is the first book to set out the perennial techniques that cut across the stand-up, sitcom, sketch and improv worlds.

Chris Head, author, academic, director, coach and consultant, provides the reader with the toolkit needed to thrive in the contemporary and multi-faceted world of comedy. His tried-and-tested advice is supplemented by interviews conducted with significant figures in the comedy world, including writers, performers, directors and other industry insiders. People interviewed include Clelia Mountford, Lucy Lumsden, Will Hines, Caitlin Campbell, Rebecca Macmillan, Dave Lambert, Muriel, Steve Whiteley, Katia Kvinge, Matt Parker and Ahir Shah.

Through exercises, games and invaluable advice on creating characters, scenes and narratives, the book erases the boundaries that have previously characterised books in the area, opening up new vistas for the comedy writer and performer.

First published: Thursday 11th February 2021

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