Chazz Redhead
Chazz Redhead

Chazz Redhead

  • Writer, comedian and actor

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The latest blockbuster

One of Europe's greatest film directors promotes the launch of his hotly anticipated blockbuster art house movie. Years in the making, with never seen before green screen cutting edge special effects, this movie is destined to be a classic and is not to be missed.

Solving the weather crisis

The daily grind is enough to get anyone down. Endless days spent indoors are making us all depressed, creating an emergency for companies that can't keep their staff motivated and are falling victim to Seasonal Affective Disorder. Luckily, bosses have found the perfect solution with the brand new SAD light, Daye Ll'it.

Die Trying - A Very Metalcore Christmas

Simon heads to the Rise Up metalcore tour at Koko in Camden with pal Sy Thomas then takes part in an Improv Christmas show with Jack Left Town at The Rosemary Branch in De Beauvoir.

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