Charlie Granville

  • Stand-up comedian and actor

Video clips

Help! I'm In Trouble

Will cats kill us all? Investigative journalist Felix Wednesday speculates wildly on the answer. A sketch from The Noise Next Door.

Oscar speeches

What not to do when awarding or receiving an Oscar.

Climbing Brighton Pier

A documentary from the Noise Next Door group about the world's greatest mountain climbers, who are tackling the 524 metre peak of Brighton Pier.

How to fail at Christmas

A handy visual guide for what not to do at Christmas. Starring The Noise Next Door... and Jesus.

The Noise Next Door: Feeling Sexy Song

Improv comedy troupe The Noise Next Door sing a song about some things that you wouldn't think are sexy but are.


A carefully crafted creation by The Noise Next Door featuring a helicopter, some claymation, a Rube Goldberg contraption, and a bunch of 'French' people.

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