Candy Gigi
Candy Gigi

Candy Gigi

  • Actor and comedian

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Candy Gigi: Friday Night Sinner! review

Torn between wifely duty and her dream to become the Jewish Barbra Streisand, this would-be star finds an in-between world of outrageous comedy.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 7th May 2023

Candy Gigi: Friday Night Sinner! review

Vulgar, outrageous and non-stop!

Lucy White, Everything Theatre, 7th May 2023

Candy Gigi: Friday Night Sinner! review

Candy Gigi: Friday Night Sinner is a wonderful, dark, often grotesque piece of performance art that had my ribs aching from start to finish.

Alan Fitter, London Theatre 1, 6th May 2023

Candy Gigi: Friday Night Sinner! review

Shabbat Shalom. Candy Gigi invites her audience for a sophisticated Friday night dinner in glamorous Borehamwood. Entertainment includes song, puppetry, chaos, mayhem and a whole lot of bodily fluids.

Adam Stevenson, The Reviews Hub, 5th May 2023

Malcolm Hardee Awards 2019 nominations

Charles Quarterman, Jimmy Slim & Lewis Blomfield, Joz Norris, Legs, President Obonjo and Sean Morley are amongst the nominees for the Malcolm Hardee Awards 2019.

British Comedy Guide, 22nd August 2019

Candy Gigi interview

'Some audiences don't quite understand when I'm breastfeeding a raw chicken'.

Marissa Burgess, The List, 26th July 2019

Edinburgh Fringe 2019: Comedy writers' picks

Ahead of this year's Edinburgh Fringe, some of our comedy writers pick out their highlights.

Yasmin Hackett, Thomas Hamill, Charlie Ralph, Rob Young, James McColl, and Johnny Owens, The Skinny, 18th July 2019

Comedy picks at the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

A total of 30 funny shows in August from stand-up, sketch, double-acts, impressionists and talking foxes.

Brian Donaldson, The List, 17th July 2019

Candy Gigi - Ethel Merman meets Lionel Bart

I almost never do reviews in this blog but - hey! - if it involves a bit of self-publicity too...

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 15th July 2019

Comedians share their best one-liners

In Steve Best's new book Joker Face, stand-ups pick some of the funniest gags they've told. Here are 10 of our favourites.

The Guardian, 5th October 2017

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