Callum Courtney

  • Actor and crew member

Video clips

The Actual Truth: Cancel Culture - How BAD it FEELS to be CANCELLED! *EMOTIONAL*

We hear from some cancel culture victims, and Thomas learns exactly how it feels to be cancelled.

The Actual Truth: Cancel Culture - Our STATUES are being SILENCED!

Thomas Wrinklesmooth investigates the Statues Debate, and finds out what the public think of the toppling of Edward Colston.

The Actual Truth: Cancel Culture - I have been CANCELLED!

Thomas Wrinklesmooth begins his investigation into censorship and cancel culture.

Zipwaz Humphries - The Disobedient Hands

A wedding present from an old friend causes Zipwaz to lose control of his hands. Brian makes a big change.

Zipwaz Humphries - The Anticipation of a Librarian

Brian wants a new housemate, and thinks a respectable librarian would be the perfect candidate. But librarians are easily startled and Zipwaz risks scaring her off.

Zipwaz Humphries - The Saviour of Sad Cats

With nothing in his possession but an ink jet printer, can Zipwaz Humphries save all of the town's depressed cats before he is ritualistically murdered?

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