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Leicester comedy festival - post-natal distress, a Trumpian dictator and Robo Bingo

Sets from Lily Phillips, President Obonjo and Foxdog Studios may not rival the Edinburgh Fringe, but give a bracing sense of the diversity of the comedy scene.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 13th February 2024

TikTok bans comedy character President Obonjo

Comedian Benjamin Bello has been banned from broadcasting live on TikTok for a week, after a viewer mistook his character President Obonjo for a real African warlord and reported him to the platform.

British Comedy Guide, 29th January 2024

The morning after yesterday's blog on President Obonjo, this happened...

Far be it from me to say my blog is widely read - it could, after all, be merely coincidence - but, a few brief hours after I posted yesterday's blog on comedy character President Obonjo, there was a military coup in Gabon, overthrowing President Ali Bongo, the namesake of the famed UK comedy magician and former President of the Magic Circle Ali Bongo.... This BBC News report has appeared (correct at the time of posting).

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 30th August 2023

Donald Trump's supporters hail President Obonjo as one of their own

The comic dictator created by Benjamin Bello posted a TikTok video in 'support' of the president. However, "someone called Melissa Tate, a Right Wing Conservative blogger with about half a million followers on Twitter, blogged to say an African president supports Donald Trump."

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 29th August 2023

Benjamin Bello: 'Edinburgh is getting more racist'

Benjamin Bello, who performs in the guise of comedy dictator President Obonjo, said he experienced three racial incidents during his ten-day run - something he never experienced previously.

Chortle, 23rd August 2023

5 Guaranteed Laugh-Fests at EdFringe 2023

Here are 5 Guaranteed Laugh-Fests at EdFringe 2023.

WJ Quinn, The Quintessential Review, 30th July 2023

President Obonjo on the Pleasance's dangerous Edinburgh Fringe decision

Benjamin Bankole Bello, who performs comedy as President Obonjo, is rather concerned by the Pleasance venue's banning of comedian Jerry Sadowitz's show at the Edinburgh Fringe...

Benjamin Bello, John Fleming's Blog, 16th August 2022

Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2022 finalists announced

Nick Elleray, Hayley Ellis, Louise Leigh, Lucila San Martin, John Meagher, Firuz Ozari, Ashish Suri and Sam Williams will compete in the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2022 final. The comedians involved in Silver Stand Up, UK Pun Championships and Union JACK Radio's Circuit Breakers have also been announced.

British Comedy Guide, 17th December 2021

Whose job is it to deal with aggressive comedy punters?

Benamin Bello, aka President Obonjo, has a close shave on stage.

Benjamin Bello, Chortle, 6th September 2021

Lib Dems want jokers to set their agenda

The Liberal Democrats are inviting a bunch of jokers to help set their political agenda, including Bennett Arron, Rik Moore and President Obonjo.

Chortle, 28th July 2021

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