Barry Ferns.

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Fringe Q&A: Festival expectations

Wednesday 25th July 2018

We asked some of the comedians performing at the Edinburgh Festival what they are looking forward to most about the 2018 festival. Some of these answers are not what you'd expect.


Pledge to Angel Comedy's Kickstarter and re-name the MC

Wednesday 22nd June 2016

The Angel Comedy Club in London has raised £20,000 via Kickstarter to set up its own dedicated venue. It's now aiming to raise another £40,000 to fund a training space and community projects. In return for backing the project, you can name anything in the club... even the MC!


Press Clippings

How would you improve the Fringe?

'We should make it free and move it to Norfolk'

Chortle, 21st August 2018

What do you think of critics?

'Some reviewers clearly don't like comedy'

Chortle, 20th August 2018

Comics on having famous faces in their audience

We asked these comedians to share their VIP stories.

i Newspaper, 20th August 2018

Has the 'spirit of the Fringe' been lost?

'It would be nice if audiences came in with open minds and generous spirits'

Chortle, 19th August 2018

Barry Ferns recalls his most memorable gigs

'Only one of us did the gig naked'

Barry Ferns, Chortle, 17th August 2018

Can you come up with a slogan for the Fringe?

'It's where everything begins...'

Chortle, 16th August 2018

What's the most you have put into a Free Fringe bucket?

Fringe interview.

Chortle, 15th August 2018

Fringe comedians share their flat-share stories

The horror (and harmony) stories

i Newspaper, 13th August 2018