Anton McCrae

  • Editor and director of photography

Video clips

Two Way Mirror

Is art art without an audience?

Content - Brand Deal

Content Content are about to go out of business, there's no money left. A mysterious brand deal could be their last chance to stay afloat.

Content - Vlog #2 - Cinematography & Vaping

Want to be a cinematographer? Award-winning and with his work on Netflix, Prime and BBC, this is Anton McCrae.

Content - Homeless Social Experiment

In order to create some shareable content the team have decided to do a social experiment with a homeless person. Literally nothing could go wrong with such a sensible plan.


Two police officers, one tragic death, two very different aims...


Newly married couple Dick and Madeleine sit down to enjoy afternoon tea together, they don't realise how much of a farce their lives are.

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