Anna Goodman
Anna Goodman

Anna Goodman

  • Actor, writer, director, editor and comedian

Video clips

Is it right to milk men?

A discussion about whether Gammon Milk is OK or not.

Is there a conspiracy against Gingers?

One woman's belief that there's a global conspiracy against gingers could just change the way you see the world.

Tragic Love Life Tours

"We've got the 'Loveless Marriage' with Mike, the 'Mummy Didn't Love Me' tour with Camilla and 'Pissed It All Away Again' with Mike tour."

Making hospital waiting lists fun

This company is making hospital waiting lists more fun.

Ending other people's relationships

No more ghosting thanks to Break-up Buddies, let someone else end your relationship for you.

Is Xmas Offensive?

"It's just a festival of white male privilege" Xmas offensive?

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