Andy Davies
Andy Davies

Andy Davies

  • Actor, composer and stand-up comedian

Video clips

The Return Of Louis Horne

Winner of Is Wales Talented in 1994, a life of money, fame and excess took its toll on Jazz trumpeter Louis Horne. Drink, drugs and scandal trailed the eight-year-old wherever he went and after a moment of phallic revelation that will live in infamy, his fledgling career was derailed. Now as a washed-up, washed-out and weighty 33-year-old, he's decided it's time for a comeback. Join Louis as he tries to crack the London Jazz scene and gives you VIP access to a world where bebop and brawling go hand-in-hand.

Bins song

Can you make taking out the bins sexy? You bet your ass you can.

Ant Dewson - YouTube song

Ant Dewson sings about why this video was probably a waste of time.

Quint Fontana - Horseboy

Quint Fontana performs the title song from the musical Horseboy.

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