Amanda Donohoe

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Radio Times review

Actor Steven Toast is buried alive on a film set (it's a long story) and flashes back to his wedding day on a Thai beach. His speech to the guests and his bored bride (played by Amanda Donohoe) is a litany of the actors who've wronged him, though he puts this in more choice language: "Colin Firth... Hugh Bonneville... Trevor Eve... Martin Shaw."

In an underpowered, thinly written episode with a sprinkling of good moments, Toast (Matt Berry) is offered a job in a Hollywood movie on the strict understanding he doesn't look at or eat or drink within two miles of its megastar lead actor, Max Gland. And we get a disturbing glimpse into the home life of Toast's agent, Jane Plough (pronounced "Pluff").

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 1st December 2014

Time for another testy exchange between over-the-hill actor Steven Toast and his agent: "There's no way I'm doing a laxative ad," he splutters. "You remember what happened to Derek Sibling!" (We find out.) But Toast is strapped for cash and his wife (Amanda Donohoe) wants a divorce - when she's finished beating him with a crazy-golf club.

The way Toast pinballs from one humiliation to the next is wonderful, and this week there's another of those strange, dreamlike song sequences showcasing Matt Berry's musical skills. Look out too for the always scary Alan Ford as an irate cabby.

David Butcher, Radio Times, 3rd November 2013