Alice Etches
Alice Etches

Alice Etches

  • Actor, writer, producer and editor

Video clips


A group of friends foolishly decide to play a game of Werewolf. As distrust, lynching and dietary requirements put their friendship out of balance, the Werewolf remains hidden in plain sight.


At a superhero themed funeral, Andi reveals to her sister Gabi that she might be pregnant, and so begins a dark negotiation to give them both what they want.

Let's Get Macho - Football

After a seemingly innocent exchange Josh feels compelled to prove himself on the football pitch ... much to annoyance of Paul. Things only take a turn for the worse when someone from Josh's past makes a sudden appearance.

That's All Relative - Episode Two

In this week's episode, we help Kim Bradley, who has been looking for her Mother all her life.


Comedy short about a nervous young woman attempting to battle her anxiety and go on a date, following advice from her Dad.

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