A young man's battle with bad luck (in love and all else)...

Jinxed follows Malik, a teenage boy, who harbours a crush on his childhood friend Sasha. On the eve of Sasha's birthday, Malik calls to wish her well. Their conversation takes an unexpected turn, prompting Sasha to suggest meeting in person. As Sasha's birthday unfolds, Malik faces a series of challenges that push him to confront his limitations. The film narrates Malik's determined efforts to overcome these obstacles and win against the odds.

Samuel Huesine Malik
Jamal Abdul Jordan
Brando Antonio Williams Driver
Shamarni Thompson Flower-boy Mani
Dylan Timothy Sasha's Brother
Kelis Wellington Sasha
Kemar Core Friend 1
Richley Mona Friend 2
Alexander Gore Friend 3
Corey Core Friend 4
Terrence Aidoo Friend 5
Writing team
Richley Mona Writer
Production team
Richley Mona Director
Richley Mona Editor
Dolly Brown Director of Photography
Omari Smith Director of Photography
Richley Mona Director of Photography

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