How To Disappear

Social hermit Nina Moyse (Kerry Howard) decides to take things one step further by removing herself from society completely by trying to totally disappear. Unfortunately her goals change when she discovers something inside her still desires a form of human interaction.

Interview with writer and director Jack Carrivick

Kerry Howard Nina
Anthony Ilott Victim
Adele Cliff Victim
David Wayman Victim
Fiona Moyse Victim
Holly Carrivick Victim
Daniel Wharton Victim
Jordan Maxwell Victim
Jessica Carrivick Victim
Iggy Elis Victim
Daniel Towse Victim
Natalia Kostrzewa Victim
Writing team
Jack Carrivick Writer
Production team
Jack Carrivick Director
Rick Halsall Editor
Jenny Ray Production Designer
Ashley-Ann Andrews Costume Designer
Matt Wicks Director of Photography
Elly White Make-up Designer
Wayne Roberts Composer
Heidi Gower 1st Assistant Director
Peregrine Andrews Sound Designer
Louis Grace Sound Designer

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