The Sketchbook

Nigel lacks confidence and self-respect; being divorced, he's filled with single dad guilt. He's a wedding toastmaster, pushed around by his work colleagues, he wishes to be a published author and longs for companionship. Wanting him to be happy, his 10 year-old daughter draws him a girlfriend in a cursed antique sketch book. Little does she know that what is drawn within it is brought to life, with dire consequences.

Kevin Durham Nigel
Scarlet Durham Scarlet
Muraleedharan Vidhyadharan Ray
Bentley Browning Brad
Ciler Omer Waitress
Rebecca Cooper Anna
Carmen Knight Crystal
Marios Hajipanyai Bernard
Bitu Thomas Prisha
Michelle Amir Barbara
Doug Setters Angry Wedding Guest
Ben Mansbridge Best man
Zak Watson-Smith Groom
Bethan Gurr Bride
Amelia Dell Girl Throwing Food
Kevin Durham Writer
Kevin Durham Director
Kevin Durham Producer

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