Sins Of Solitude. Boo (Billie Vee).

Sins Of Solitude

YouTube sitcom involving the deadly sins. 7 episodes (1 series) in 2020. Stars Billie Vee, Hayley-Marie Axe, Cherise Silvestri, Emmanuela Lia and others.

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Series 1

1. Gluttony

First published: Friday 8th May 2020

Boo video calls her friend Angela, a travel agent, who celebrates with her husband a great deal she closed for a client, by doing her favourite thing: eating and drinking. While Boo starts feeling a bit peckish, her friend reveals to her some rather important news.


2. Envy

First published: Friday 15th May 2020

During their video chat, Maggie, an artistic director whose husband doesn't seem to be the epitome of a gentleman, can't stop feeling jealous of Boo, claiming she's got the life of a queen. Far from being a queen, Boo starts getting annoyed with her friend who is constantly complaining... about everything.


3. Sloth

First published: Friday 22nd May 2020

Boo has to organise a very important event where the mayor will be honouring her 100 year old grandmother, the oldest survivor of an epidemic that happened 10 years ago. Boo has asked her not-so-organised cousin and very successful ASMR artist Paulina to post her their grandmother's present. Paulina has done... nothing.


4. Pride

First published: Friday 29th May 2020

Jay is Boo's personal trainer. Full of 'super power-positive vibes - we'll conquer the world' kind of energy he video calls her to start their training session. They start doing exercises when Jay gets dumped by his girlfriend by text. "How dare she dump someone like him?!' he thinks and takes off his shirt.


5. Greed

First published: Friday 5th June 2020

Boo video calls her broker friend, Alex to ask him if his producer friend has read her book. Instead of listening to Boo's concerns, Alex excited about the stock market movements, tries to convince her to invest. And she finally does.


6. Wrath

First published: Friday 12th June 2020

Boo receives 23 missed video calls from Thomas, her ex boyfriend. He is a rather volatile, but deep down sensitive man who is still waiting for her to come back. It's only until the end that he reveals to her the reason why he called and Boo becomes furious.


7. Lust

First published: Friday 19th June 2020

Boo is excited about her first video date with Valentino, a very charming, attractive man. They've been texting and talking for a while, so now it's the first time they will video chat. The video date seems to be going very well, the communication is there, they both laugh and flirt. He appears to be just perfect in her eyes. Mesmerised by his charm, Boo is willing to do whatever he suggests.