Simon Amstell: Set Free. Simon Amstell.

Simon Amstell: Set Free

Netflix stand-up show from Simon Amstell. 1 episode in 2019. Stars Simon Amstell.

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Simon Amstell, Netflix review

Who knew in the early days of his career, when Simon Amstell was taking the mick out of celebrities on Popworld and then Never Mind the Buzzcocks, that he would turn into one of the cleverest comics of his generation, with a special talent for making existential angst funny? And now the latest of his amusing navel-gazing stand-up shows is Set Free (recorded late last year).

Veronica Lee, The Arts Desk, 14th April 2020

Simon Amstell: Set Free review

With Set Free, Simon Amstell delivers a fine-tuned hour of existential, introspective comedy that at once emphasises the nonsensical nature of modern life whilst finding joy, and freedom, in the chaos.

Harry Bunting, Entertainment Focus, 21st August 2019

Simon Amstell interview

The comic has been on a journey of therapy, ayahuasca and love. Now he's back with Set Free, a Netflix special that's his most personal show yet.

Daniel Welsh, The Huffington Post, 18th August 2019