Channel 4 launches sketch series with a host of comedians

ExclusiveWednesday 26th May 2021, 3:32pm by Jay Richardson

Anna Leong Brophy

Nick Helm, Jen Brister, Hal Cruttenden, Felicity Ward and children's television presenter Dave Benson Phillips are among the wealth of comic talent to feature in a new Channel 4 sketch series, British Comedy Guide can exclusively reveal.

Twelve shorts will begin launching imminently on the channel's social media platforms, aiming to present a smart-but-silly view of being alive in 2021, delivering a disruptive and anarchic take on themes like nostalgia, pop culture, work, sport and socialising.

The first broadcast commission for new production company Daddy's SuperYacht, the sketches include female pilots navigating sexism, secret agents on a budget and the pitfalls of investing in gunge, the slimy substance ever-present on 90's children's television.

Other comedians writing and acting in the shorts include Catherine Bohart, Jack Barry, Mark Silcox, Kemah Bob, Chloe Petts, Amy Gledhill and her Delightful Sausage sketchmate Chris Cantrill, Glamrou, Sunil Patel, Esther Manito, Joz Norris, Joe Sutherland, Will Duggan, Jordan Gray, Jason Forbes, David Mills, Alison Thea-Skot, Patrick Spicer, Helen Duff, Nick Elleray, Sikisa, Leo Reich, Camille Ucan, Sy Thomas, Kat Bond and Ania Magliano, plus Emily Lloyd Saini and Anna Leong Brophy of sketch duo Egg.

Leila Navabi, Sapphire McIntosh and Natasha Brown also feature, as do Jen Ives, Sean Burke, Chris Anastasi, Nim Odedra, Donna Preston, Kieran Murphy, Rajiv Karia, Michael Clarke, Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson, Katie Pritchard, Aruhan Galieva, Waleed Akhtar, Miranda Holms, Ninette Finch, David Bailey and Dot Cosgrove.

"Filming such a diverse and ambitious range of sketches during this period has been a real trial by fire, but I couldn't be more excited to show the world what the Daddies are all about" said Charlie Dinkin, producer and head writer at Daddy's SuperYacht. "Big thanks to Channel 4 for giving us so much support and creative freedom: it's literally been a lifeline for us as a brand new indie during this period, as well as for so many amazing comics and writers who we've been lucky enough to get onboard."

Thomas Pullen, digital commissioning executive at Channel 4, added: "It's been great working with Daddy's SuperYacht on this series and helping them to champion the next wave of great comedy talent. The use of irreverent and relatable humour in these shorts to ask questions of society is exactly what Channel 4 comedy is all about."

Daddy's SuperYacht already produce sketches for the Pulped YouTube channel.

Watch the Channel 4 Shots sketches

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Image shows from L to R: Amy Gledhill, Sunil Patel
Dave Benson Phillips
Donna Preston
Amrou Al-Kadhi
Jack Barry
Jason Forbes
Image shows from L to R: Waleed Akhtar, Jason Forbes
Nick Helm

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