Kurupt FM podcast to launch on Audible

Tuesday 4th June 2019, 12:50pm

  • The stars of People Just Do Nothing are to star in a podcast series on Audible
  • The Kurupt FM Podkast, which sees the characters hosting a late-night talk show, will launch this July
  • The characters have also written their own press release to announce the news - read it below
The Kurupt FM Podkast. Image shows from L to R: Asim Chaudhry, Steve Stamp, Allan Mustafa, Hugo Chegwin.

The stars of People Just Do Nothing are to launch a Kurupt FM podcast via Audible.

Allan Mustafa (Grindah), Hugo Chegwin (Beats), Asim Chaudhry (Chabuddy G) and Steve Stamp (Steves) will host The Kurupt FM Podkast.

The format sees the the Kurupt FM debut their first, late-night talk show.

Talking about the format in more detail, Audible explains: "In between beats and bars, the boys hold forth on a range of topics including technology, relationships, survival, fashion and the supernatural. The Kurupt FM Podkast sees the crew take calls, welcome drop-in guests, run DIY ads, give shout outs and offer all-manner of life advice to listeners. Amongst others, fans will get to hear about Steves' plan for how to survive feral living in Richmond Park; will get the low down on MC Grindah's new design for the sofa of the future; and will hear the boys crack the case of Brentford Studio's biggest mystery."

Guests are set to include the character Michelle (played by Lily Brazier). Comic actors Celeste Dring (The Windsors) and Mark Silcox (Rovers), amongst others, will star as guests in the episodes.

MC Grindah, 'head of Kurupt FM', says: "This is what you've all been waiting for, a podcast that's actually good, not just one that weird freaks in suits listen to on the train!"

Chabuddy G, 'manager of Kurupt FM', adds: "I can't believe these idiots. Paying just to hear us chat. I didn't even get changed, I recorded most of the podcast in my boxers mate!"

The Kurupt FM Podkast will launch this July, and join other existing exclusive content on Audible, available free to subscribers. Other shows available include Mark Watson's Comedy Marathon, Sue Perkins' Earpedia, Dom Joly's Big American Vacation and Audible Presents: Live From The Edinburgh Fringe. Non-members will be able to listen with a free trial

The Kurupt FM crew also wrote their own press release. Here it is in full...

The Kurupt FM Podkast. Image shows from L to R: Allan Mustafa, Steve Stamp, Hugo Chegwin, Asim Chaudhry.


As literally everyone knows already, the world's biggest pirate radio station, Kurupt FM**, has shut down. A nation was thrown in to mourning as MC Grindah quit the music game and blessed a mic for the last time.

But there's just one problem.

The fans have been going absolutely mental***.

So now, rising from the ashes, the legendary Kurupt FM crew are BACK (in association with Chabuddy G Enterprises). But this time, they're a podcast.

You're probably asking the same thing that they did: what the hell is a podcast?****

And what the hell is this all about?

The answer? Simple. It's giving the people what they want more than anything else in this world we all live on/in. The voice of MC Grindah (and also Steves, Beats, and Chabuddy G).

Over the course of six episodes, Grindah and the Kurupt FM mans reassemble in the Brentford studio to apply their wisdom and philosophy***** to break down some of the most important issues facing all of us today:

- Technology (like decks and robots and that)
- Relationships (how to chirpse basically)
- The Supernatural (aliens and all that shit Steves is in to)
- Fashion (through the ages, from loin clothes to tracksuits)
- Survival (how to survive not only in the streets but in a park, for example)
- Music (how music evolved and finally peaked with garage)

Expect special guests, features, and maybe if you're lucky some freestyling. You're welcome. Kurupt FM in it the rest are irrelevant.

Note from Chabuddy G: You can hear the Kurupt FM Podkast exclusively on the website of my business associates at Audible. And if you enjoy the sound of any of the goods and services you hear advertised on the Kurupt FM Podkast (in associated with Chabuddy G Enterprises) then please get in touch and I will provide top products at low prices. Please. I need money.


**For the haters - yes it is the biggest, name a bigger one, you can't, and even if you think you can there's no way of like properly measuring it, plus I get recognized all the time, like bare people going 'rah that's Grindah,' and if like their mates or girlfriends or whatever are like, 'who's that?' they're like, 'are you joking, Grindah from Kurupt FM, the biggest pirate in the game.'

***Mental as in really excited, not mental like Steves when he tried putting acid under his eyelids.

****Good question, actually. Turns out it's like radio but with no music. So yeah, less good radio, basically. It's what them breres that wear suits and trainers and have fold-up bikes on the train are listening to instead of UK garage.

*****But like street wisdom and street philosophy, not like the boring pointless stuff Craig's doing at uni or whatever.

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