High Strangeness. Copyright: CPL Productions.

High Strangeness

Audible comedy drama sci-fi adventure. 8 episodes (1 series) in 2020. Stars Sophie McShera, Adam James, Anna Chancellor, Mandeep Dhillon and others.

High Strangeness

In this scripted comedy, sci-fi, Audible Original, a quick-witted young blogger turned investigator, Cassie (Sophie McShera) travels to the sleepy English countryside, only to discover a paranormal threat beyond humanity's worst nightmares.

Following a strange event, frustrated British paranormal researcher, Cassie Chambers is thrown together with uptight American, Glen Hedley (Adam James), an agent for a shady government organisation. This mis-matched duo soon discover, not only do they have a mystery to uncover, but also they're humanity's only defence against malign ultra-terrestrials from a different dimension. With interfering locals, obstructive bosses and a fanatical cult getting in the way, and only Cassie's best friend Amanda (Mandeep Dhillon) as reliable help, Cassie & Glen must figure out why this unique enemy is here and turn it back before it's too late - for all of us.

First published: Thursday 8th October 2020

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