Matt Green releases That Guy stand-up special

Wednesday 29th May 2024, 9:41am

Matt Green

Matt Green has released his debut comedy special, a recording of his 2024 tour That Guy.

The show, recorded in London at 21Soho in March, is split into two halves. An opening set from his Tory minister character The Rt Hon Geoffrey Geoff-Geoffrey, who explains how the Conservatives will definitely win the next election, followed by stand-up comedy from Green in which he touches on a range of topics, including the limits of satire, social media fame and the madness of our political environment, as well as less political stories about massages, pink dog poo and accidentally punching a child in the face.

Green says: "I had a lot of fun on my debut tour, where it was great to meet audiences all across the UK. I'm really happy that I can now share my full show with people online so that everyone can get a chance to see it. I'm really proud of the show and Joe Bor did a great job filming it. My only advice would be to watch it soon - before the idea of a hapless Tory MP being an actual minister becomes slightly out of date... I hope!"

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