Joe Wells releases I Am Autistic special on YouTube

Friday 27th October 2023, 9:28am

Joe Wells

Joe Wells has teamed up with production company Go Faster Stripe to release a recording of his stand-up special I Am Autistic on YouTube.

The show, recorded in The Bill Murray Comedy Club, is about identity, neurodiversity, and the pressures of Joe finding social media fame.

The blurb explains: "In 2020 Joe's video about having a (severely) non-autistic brother went viral (4.5 million views and counting) which led to Joe becoming an unelected spokesperson for autistic people. The show follows Joe's attempts to say something useful with his newly found platform whilst looking after his own mental health."

I Am Autistic is the first show that Go Faster Stripe has released in its entirety for free on YouTube, and will be followed by Wil Hodgson's show Barbicidal Tendencies on Saturday 4th November, with "more shortly after that".

Chris Evans from GFS says: "Ot's a shame to work on something so good that's not seen by many people - so this seems like a good way to fix that. We are hoping, of course, that anyone who likes what we are doing might pay it back by joining our club which will make future releases this way sustainable."

The special is below:

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