Content. Alex (Yiannis Vassilakis). Copyright: Turtle Canyon Comedy.


YouTube sitcom about office life. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2019. Stars Yiannis Vassilakis, Molly McNerney, Belle Fage, Rajiv Karia and Kath Hughes.

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Content. Alex (Yiannis Vassilakis). Copyright: Turtle Canyon Comedy.

Creative Director. Frustrated, driven, hopelessly straight.

"Sorry, if we could just focus on that thing I decided was a good idea yesterday, I'm sure we'd be on the right track soon."


AKA: Adasha.  Played by: Molly McNerney
Content. A-A (Molly McNerney). Copyright: Turtle Canyon Comedy.

Creative Intern Director (Intern). Intelligent, contradictory, unnoticed.

"If anyone's interested I actually think this is a far more complex and multi factorial issue than suggested by the amount of space I've been allocated to describe my entire outlook on-"


Played by: Belle Fage
Content. Taylor (Belle Fage). Copyright: Turtle Canyon Comedy.

Projects Director. Enthusiastic, unburdened, uncritical.

"Absolutely, if you say that's a good idea, I'll do it. A lot."


Played by: Rajiv Karia
Content. Jam (Rajiv Karia). Copyright: Turtle Canyon Comedy.

Marketing Director. Idealist, anti-establishment, blockchain.

"I'm a marketing wizard with a keen eye on social issues and online poetry (about social issues and marketing wizardry)."


Played by: Kath Hughes
Content. Hetty (Kath Hughes). Copyright: Turtle Canyon Comedy.

Human Resource Director. Rich, contrary, distracted.

"I find it hard to care about anything, including the effects of my mother's enormous wealth."