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Carnage - Swallowing The Past. Simon Amstell.

Carnage - Swallowing The Past

BBC iPlayer film by Simon Amstell about vegetarians in the future. 1 episode in 2017. Stars Linda Bassett, John MacMillan, Mawaan Rizwan, James Smith and others.

Carnage - Swallowing The Past. Simon Amstell. Copyright: BBC.

Carnage - Swallowing The Past

A BBC iPlayer film written and directed by Simon Amstell set in the future when everyone is a vegetarian

BBC iPlayer
Linda Bassett, John MacMillan, Mawaan Rizwan, James Smith, Martin Freeman, Eileen Atkins, Lindsay Duncan, Samantha Spiro and others
Simon Amstell
Simon Amstell
Daniel O'Connor, Janet Lee and Victoria Jaye

Set in a utopian 2067, Carnage looks back at a time when human beings ate other animals.

For the young people of this time, the idea that their grandparents could have been complicit in a bloodbath of unnecessary suffering is wholly unimaginable.

The film aims to break the taboo around Britain's animal eating past, whilst showing compassion for a generation, now seeking therapy to cope with the horror of their unthinkable actions.

Carnage combines archive with original drama and is narrated by Simon Amstell, who gives a unique comedic peek into a future where animals live equally amongst humans.

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