Random 8

Su Mi

Su Mi

One random comedian, eight random questions; it's the ultimate test of funny person and fate. This week we head down to Brighton, where it's all happening.

Last week the music world descended for the Great Escape festival (well, the ones not boycotting it over tricky bank links), and this weekend there's a choice of on-stage hi-jinks. At the Actor's Theatre - more of which below - it's the Brighton Fringe's Big Queer Weekender, while we're setting camp at the Spiegeltent, which hosts the Weekend of Weird: already an institution.

Su Mi

This year's weirdos include the actual Weirdos, Séayoncé and Siblings (together!), WIPs from Sam Nicoresti and Sami Abu Wardeh, Bertie Hodd's Dad Jokes, the Lovely Boys (and friends), Miss Lady Clementine's Feast, John-Luke Roberts' Cabaret Impedimenta, and lots more besides. Banana Beard, for example, is the brainchild of Su Mi: a good fit for the WoW?

"Banana Beard is a culmination of every weird, odd and creepy idea that has escaped my noggin" Su explains, "all tied together for human consumption. Alternative stand-up, musical, character and clown comedy, a one woman show that celebrates the human experience growing up as an immigrant child of South-East Asian descent.

"Every sweet sweet little microaggression, every tantalising racial slur and every time someone has mistaken me for that Asian friend they met on the bus, I have stored and nurtured over 33 years and poured into this show. In a humorous way of course."

Of course.

"So, yes. An excellent fit to the Weekend of Weird. Also in Brighton? What a fiery combo. Cannot. Wait."

Let the weirdness begin. Su Mi, your Random 8 awaits.

Su Mi

What was your childhood career dream?

Sounds slightly lethargic to have these words leave my lips but, yes, I did indeed want to be a comedian from the tender age of 12. Also wanted to become an ice-cream truck assistant/Pokémon trainer, but obviously thought being a comedian would be a lot more sustainable.

Ever walked out of a film (before the end)?

I saw I Saw The Devil which is a Korean horror film and basically did not watch it and only listened to the audio description because it was the scariest thing. EVER. Had to get out.

What's your favourite building?

The Actors in Brighton is the loveliest pub - and one of those safe queer spaces - that I've ever had the honour of performing at.

Who's the most interesting person you've ever met?

I lived in South Korea for many summers and there is a man known as 'Makgeolli Man' which translates to the Rice Wine Man. He dresses homeless and wheels around a little cart whilst selling alcohol to foreigners/tourists drunkenly stumbling out of house/dance clubs around Hongdae.

He knows a plethora of different languages fluently and the stories he would tell me and my inebriated friends would be WILD. Also heard a rumour that he's actually stinking rich and just does this to trick foreigners, which low key brings me much joy.

Do you have a signature dance move?

I dance like a complete slut, it's great. Grinding on everything.

Su Mi

What's the very best thing you ever saw?

[Canadian comic] Steph Tolev in anything. She is an absolute machine. Her style of comedy is my vibe to a tee. Super unapologetic, guttural stuff!

Your most regrettable purchase?

I bought a beef lasagne yesterday, only to find out it was £17.95 and was too embarrassed/anxious to return it. I was distraught.

What's the best thing in your wardrobe?

I have a space helmet which doubles up as a snack bowl. It is absolutely champion.

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