Random 8

Katy Baker from Flat and the Curves

Image shows left to right: Arabella Rodrigo, Katy Baker, Charlotte Brooke, Issy Wroe Wright, Flat & The Curves. Credit: Karla Gowlett

One random comedian, eight random questions; it's the ultimate test of funny person and fate. This week we're looking ahead to the Women in Comedy festival, which fills five Manchester venues from Friday onwards. And shining brightly on that hefty line-up are Flat and the Curves, fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe, who crash into Creatures Comedy Club on Saturday 14th.

Their hour of glittering power, Divadom, is a "gig-style comedy show about the female experience," the Curves' Katy Baker explains. "The group is made up of four singers with a huge range of musical styles and we like to highlight [them] throughout.

"The songs will fit or oppose the lyrics; for example we have an operatic song about male-gaze porn or we have a '90s girl group number about menstruation. The show pays musical homage to all the divas we know and love - it's always evolving, so my favourite bit changes every night!"

As another fest approaches, then, how was that Fringe experience?

"We have so many amazing memories from this year," says Baker. "One in particular was filming a short music video of our song Ladies Loo with the BBC for Edinburgh Unlocked, we had an amazing day dressed up in our sequins in the House of Gods [hotel] bar toilet."

But it's not all glamour. Katy Baker from Flat and the Curves, your Random 8 await.

What was your career dream, as a kid?

Annoyingly, I always wanted to be an actor or a singer and when I reached 13, I started to get into comedy. My friends and I would film sketch shows on an old video camera that would use a whole VHS in it during the school holidays. We couldn't edit, so it would have to be done in one take, and I genuinely think they hold up. I'd watch it now! Maybe I should dig those out...

Ever met a surprisingly great or awful famous person?

Everyone I've met who is famous has been lovely. I'm not starstruck by people as a whole. If I met Liza Minnelli though, I. Would. Melt.

What should be Britain's next national anthem?

I don't know, but I have a few ideas on lyrics for it...

Image shows left to right: Charlotte Brooke, Arabella Rodrigo, Katy Baker, Issy Wroe Wright, Flat & The Curves. Credit: Rah Petherbridge

When were you most embarrassed?

I was invited to my husband's place of work, where he used to be in charge of the company's art collection (he's an art lawyer). He was hosting an art tour where lots of people attended, I was very proud. There was a free bar, however.

I drank one too many glasses of prosecco and was approached by a colleague of my husband's. His colleague asked if I liked art, to which I replied, 'yes, but it depends on what I'm looking at'. I then went hard on how I didn't like the piece we were looking at, I really slammed it.

He was nodding along, then I got an audience. He then told me that he'd just purchased said piece. I panicked. I backtracked. I made a show of it. I thought that would be the end of it all, but my horrible friend filmed every moment and I can't even believe I'm writing this, because I feel physically ill and itchy when I think about that moment.

Otherwise, I don't really get embarrassed!

What's the weirdest thing in your wardrobe?

I host a lot of cabaret nights, so my wardrobe is full of weird items. For example, I have a Mona Lisa frame costume you stick your face in.

The most regrettable thing you ever bought?

A pair of beautiful black heels. I loved them so much, I broke my ankle in them... twice. Needless to say I hurled them in the bin after the second time it happened. I now can't wear heels without ankle support. Gutted.

Your most extravagant moment?

I'm not sure I know what this means. Most of my life is extravagant. Being on a water taxi in Venice, sailing through the grand canal, drinking with my husband and my dog? That was fun.

Which film/TV show would you love to have been in (and which part)?

I have a list so long it would be incredibly boring to read. I'd love to play any part Meryl Streep has played. Move over Streep, Baker's in town.

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