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Review: Marcus Brigstocke, Soho Theatre

There's so much in the world that makes him righteously angry.

Veronica Lee, The Arts Desk, 2nd May 2016

Sir Lenny Henry: Comedian, campaigner... blues singer?

Sir Lenny Henry recently turned his talents to singing the blues - arguably a surprising move for a comedian. But, as he tells the BBC, there's more to the blues than singing about being miserable.

Steven McIntosh, BBC News, 2nd May 2016

Stand-up Colin Manford proposes during show

Jason Manford's brother proposed to his girlfriend during one of his comedy shows. Colin Manford, a stand-up comedian himself was celebrating the 2nd birthday of Manford Comedy club in Oswaldtwistle, Lancs when he popped the question to girlfriend Emma.

Simon Keegan, The Daily Mirror, 1st May 2016

Interview: Stephen K. Amos on New Zealand Comedy Fest

Those who would behave badly on Twitter, beware. Stephen K Amos has been watching.

Britt Mann,, 1st May 2016

My favourite photograph by Bobby Davro

Actor and impressionist Bobby, 57, recalls the joy of becoming a dad for the first time and how he worked the birth into his comedy routine.

Kristen Jones, The Sunday Express, 1st May 2016

Why do some comics make it big and not others?

There are all sorts of comedians I thought would make it but for some reason or other didn't. I tipped Marc Wootton for stardom in the Evening Standard so often it started to become embarrassing. People probably thought we must be related. I also think Boothby Graffoe could have been a mainstream star. Even Addy Van Der Borgh could have been a Saturday night shiny-floored clown. But for some reason none of these people made it as big as I expected. There is still time I guess. Maybe not enough time to get to the O2 this Friday, but there is always next year.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond the Joke, 1st May 2016

Interview: Gein's Family Giftshop

Gein's Family Giftshop tell us about their show Trophy Collection, which they're performing at Komedia, Brighton.

The Reviews Hub, 30th April 2016

Machynlleth Comedy Festival can expect 6,000 visitors

Around 6,000 people are expected to gather in Powys for the seventh annual Machynlleth Comedy Festival.

BBC News, 30th April 2016

Sara Pascoe on how to beat media sexism

The comedian wants people to 'show dissent' by boycotting newspapers.

Louise Ridley, The Huffington Post, 30th April 2016

Review: Tony Jameson

If you've got little-to-no knowledge of Football Manager (FM), it could be argued that this show's a tad inaccessible, though admittedly anyone buying tickets for a show called Football Manager Ruined My Life is definitely asking for it.

Holly Sharp, The Reviews Hub, 29th April 2016

Bridget Christie: A Book For Her tour review

Bridget Christie is a re-inventor, an innovator and voice of absolute sanity. And she and I would like to have it noted that we both look quite like Oliver Cromwell.

Becca Moody, Moody Comedy, 29th April 2016

The funniest thing... Dane Baptiste

From Eddie Murphy to illiterate hecklers, the comedian reveals the things that make him laugh the most.

Rachel Aroesti, The Guardian, 29th April 2016

S**tfaced Shakespeare - review

As this kingdom becomes a stage for so much reverential Bard adoration, Shitfaced Shakespeare restores his work to the bawdy pantomime so much of it would have been back at ye olde Globe.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 29th April 2016

Sheridan Smith's Funny Girl is a masterclass

I've never seen a musical performance so committed to comedy. Sheridan Smith is determined to get a laugh out of every line, and she does.

Cariad Lloyd, The Guardian, 29th April 2016

A Comedy About a Bank Robbery is a triumph

What follows is a frenetic farce that races along like a getaway driver on speed.

Melissa York, City AM, 28th April 2016

S**t-faced Shakespeare review

If you've a passing knowledge of Shakespeare and you're partial to a few beers at a comedy night, go, you'll love it. But if the British drinking culture isn't really your thing, probably best to sit this one out and wait until someone stages coffee-shop Shakespeare or something.

Belle Lupton, British Theatre Guide, 28th April 2016

Review: Sh!t-Faced Shakespeare

To beer or not to beer? That's really not the question when it comes to Magnificent Bastard's raucous production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. For this is Sh!t-Faced Shakespeare - and that means the drink's the thing.

Laura Cress, This is Cabaret, 28th April 2016

Citizen Khan review

Citizen Khan is certainly a larger than life character and perfect for a one-man comedy show but ninety minutes worth does seem over ambitious in the playing. On the plus side, it is great that an audience of mixed races enjoys comedy together. Although his observations have an ethnic base, they are really universal subjects like keeping the family happy and making ends meet. His claim that things would be so much easier if everyone listened to his wisdom and did as he says is one that many families encounter universally. British Muslims encounter exactly the same problems as everyone else it seems. It's a funny old world.

Phil Lowe, The Reviews Hub, 28th April 2016

Comedy About a Bank Robbery extends by six months

The Comedy About a Bank Robbery has extended its run in the West End by six months until April 2017.

The Stage, 28th April 2016

Review: S**t-faced Shakespeare

Whilst Shit-Faced Shakespeare arguably seems more natural in its original festival environment (it makes a welcome tonic to some more serious productions) this is not a gimmick staged to please less Shakespeare-enthused punters. Magnificent Bastard Productions are creating theatre that is unique and jolly good fun. This is a show that will be entirely different each night, and it's tempting to buy another ticket and guffaw at the next cast member whose turn it is to perform drunk.

Holly O'Mahony, A Younger Theatre, 27th April 2016

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