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Mae Martin interview

The Canadian standup and actor on the things that make her laugh the most, from suede waistcoats to PG Wodehouse.

Rachel Aroesti, The Guardian, 22nd September 2017

Sofie Hagen interview

Sofie Hagen on feminism, hatred, and why she doesn't want to be famous.

Elsa Maishman, The National Student, 21st September 2017

Joz Norris on people who have escaped the maze of life

One of our favourite comedians Joz Norris would love to escape the rat-race of modern living. He picks out three people he thinks have actually succeeded in leaving the maze.

Laugh Out London, 21st September 2017

Robin Ince: putting appliance of science to good use

Can you have a scientific sense of humour? Stand-up Robin Ince, who has just shared an arena stage tour with poster boy of serious stuff Professor Brian Cox, feels that it "kind of does work".

Viv Hardwick, The Northern Echo, 21st September 2017

Katy Brand review

I Could Have Been an Astronaut is an amusing ramble through Brand's childhood obsessions, fate and the factors that make us who we are.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 21st September 2017

Russell Brand: If I helped Jeremy Corbyn that's great

Comedian and actor Russell Brand tells BBC Newsnight's Emily Maitlis that he may have helped the rise in popularity of Jeremy Corbyn. Asked about Brexit, he said he understands why people choose to leave the EU: "People saw a bright red button that said 'F-off establishment' and I think they pressed it."

Emily Maitlis, BBC, 21st September 2017

Doc Brown interview

The last thing that made me laugh out loud was probably The Idiotsitter.

Knock2bag, 21st September 2017

Rich Hall on his love for Welsh sarnies & our mountains

Award-winning US comedian Rich Hall has described Wales' natural beauty as a "miniature Rocky Mountains" ahead of a run of six shows in the country.

Abby Bolter, Wales Online, 21st September 2017

John Kearns, review: Send in the off-kilter clown

John Kearns deserves to earn a wider following with this funny and intellectually ambitious show, writes Bruce Dessau.

Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard, 21st September 2017

Review: Sara Pascoe's Pride and Prejudice

The set itself, though dramatic, seemed sterile and ill-effective.

Chortle, 20th September 2017

Review - Mae Martin, Dope

Toronto-born standup Mae Martin's show about addiction is shocking, charming and seriously funny.

Paul Fleckney, London Is Funny, 20th September 2017

Phil Differ interview

Scottish comedy legend famous for Still Game and Rab C Nesbitt work comes to East Kilbride.

Andrea O'Neill, Daily Record, 20th September 2017

Mae Martin, Dope review

Compelling confessions from a talent at the top of her game.

Alice Jones, i Newspaper, 20th September 2017

How Alexei Sayle blew up Britain's comedy scene

Alexei grew up in Liverpool, the son of ardent and eccentric communists.

ABC News (Australia), 20th September 2017

John Kearns: a supreme stand-up hidden behind bad teeth

The wig-wearing comic's new show about humdrum heroism is his best yet. But as his act strives for knockout poignancy, does the goofy get-up help or hinder?

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 20th September 2017

Nick Helm on Uncle and his new stand-up show

Nick Helm is a thunderous hopeless romantic. Both simultaneously surly and sweet, he's constantly teetering between loveable puppy and a man on the brink of a mental breakdown. But one who cares so much about his comedy.

Polly Glynn, The Skinny, 20th September 2017

Alex Horne - The Horne Section interview

Fun is guaranteed [with The Horne Section] - the decidedly non-musical Horne plays hectoring frontman to a group of musical pals as they inject a shot in the arm to the musical comedy genre. Some songs are one-liners in themselves, some soundtrack jokes, some just delightfully absurd. It all sits just the right side of shambolic.

Sharon Lougher, Metro, 20th September 2017

Comedy review: Tom Stade at Preston's Charter Theatre

Make sure you catch his tour if you can withstand the smut and political incorrectness - he is hilarious.

Nicola Adam, Burnley Express, 20th September 2017

Wi-Fi Wars

WiFi Wars is one of the most innovative and distinctive shows I've ever seen.

Joe Fuller, The Latest, 19th September 2017

Comedy review: Tom Stade at Preston's Charter Theatre

If you are expecting this review to be a blow by blow account of Tom Stade's latest show, you'll be disappointed. Firstly because if I did that there would be no point even going and secondly because this is a family newspaper and I want to avoid the torrent of complaints at the content of a show not intended for the faint of heart.

Nicola Adam, The Lancashire Evening Post, 19th September 2017

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