Eggbox live format to showcase short films and live script readings

Sunday 5th November 2023, 12:29pm

Joz Norris

Comedian Joz Norris is setting up Eggbox, a new live comedy show format combining short film screenings and live script readings.

The show's blurb explains: "The world of scripted comedy filmmaking is bursting with just as much talent and innovation as the live scene, but it has far fewer opportunities for writers, directors and performers to share their work in front of a live audience and reap the benefits that come with showcasing work communally.

"Eggbox exists to showcase both ends of the filmmaking process, from readings of work-in-progress scripts that will enable writers to hear which bits are working best, to screenings of completed films that showcase some of the best work to come out of the filmmaking scene over the last year."

At the initial pilot event in December, Norris will be screening his latest short film, Who's A Nice Boy?, directed by BBC Comedy Collective Bursary winner Miranda Holms and co-starring Anna Leong Brophy, Nat Luurtsema and Tom Bell, as well as sharing a work-in-progress reading of his new script The Happiness Chain, which was longlisted for the David Nobbs Memorial Trust New Writing Award and the Short Com Sitcom Writing Competition.

Alongside these will be readings of further new writing by Miranda Holms and BAFTA-nominated screenwriter Nat Luurtsema, along with screenings of short films by Jazz Emu & Sam Campbell; Sam Bailey & Goodbear; Tom Bell & Brendan Cleaves; Uncle Shortrbread (Cosmo Wellings & Arthur Studholme); and Ada Player & Bron Waugh.

Speaking to BCG, Norris says: "I'm excited to be launching this new night. I've spent all year hiding in a hole in the ground writing scripts, living off worms which I slurp from the dirt around me, and occasionally remembering to come up to the surface world in order to briefly shoot a short film or something. It can be a lonely existence, so I'm thrilled that this night will give me and my fellow writers, directors and filmmakers an opportunity to share the workings of our minds and take pride in what we've made before we go back into our burrows for the winter. The worms are waiting..."

Eggbox takes place on Friday 8th December 2023 from 8pm at King's Place in London. Info & tickets

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