Nerine Skinner interview

Nerine Skinner. Credit: Steve Ullathorne

Last year Nerine Skinner went viral with parodies of Liz Truss and started to make a living from it... but after just 49 days her new career was over. Here's an interview with Nerine, as she prepares a work in progress live show about that period of her life.

Hi, welcome. What's your name?

Nerine Kathy Georgia Ellen Skinner.

Is that a joke?

No, my mum knew I was her last child so decided to call me all of the names.

Where does the name Nerine come from?

It's a pink flower. A stringy thing that blooms in September/October time, which is when my birthday is if you were wondering... On an unrelated note, I love prosecco and chocolate...

So what type of comedy have you done?

I was in a comedy duo called Franks & Skinner, and they are our actual surnames! Unfortunately, we're not related to Frank Skinner.

Franks and Skinner

How did Franks & Skinner meet?

We met at panto playing those integral rolls - yes, bread rolls - Baguette and Croissant.

What's the lowest comedy moment you guys had?

When Franks & Skinner made our Edinburgh debut in 2015 and nerves got the better of us, we had a trip to the toilet. Unfortunately, our flyers fell down the toilet and we may have gone to the loo on them. Nobody watched that night...

Then what did you do?

I joined The Dots comedy cabaret trio and co-created, performed and produced our Edinburgh 2019 show. We even went onto Britain's Got Talent. I played Kathy, an enthusiastic understudy and we fooled Simon Cowell. Our initial audition had millions of views on YouTube:

We even reached the semi-finals. We don't talk about the semi-finals...

What are your other claims to fame?

I had a short burst of viral activity last year. However, the doctor couldn't help me with this as it was from doing parodies of Liz Truss. I started to get TV and radio interviews and was being paid for my appearances. It was all going really well and everything was clicking. And then she resigned. My career was over in 49 days. A lettuce outlasted us. A lettuce. Unfortunately, I can't say I've received the same resignation package, which is a shame.

Nerine Skinner

Now that you mention it, you do have an unfortunate likeness to Liz Truss. What's your favourite cheese?

I actually hate cheese. After the resurgence of Liz's "imported cheese" speech, I decided to film a blind cheese tasting parody. This was only going to be about 20 seconds long, as part of a longer video, but it took all night to film because it made me throw up. Who would eat that stinky stuff?! I mean that is a disgrace!

Are you like Liz Truss in any other way?

Unfortunately, yes. I worry I am similar because I also can't make decisions. I backtrack on my choices and do U-turns, just like her. I worry I may have a co-dependency with Liz Truss. I'm not sure I'm okay.

Nerine Skinner

So what's next?

I'm glad you asked. I'm doing my first ever solo show called The Rise and Fall of Nerine Skinner (A Liz Truss Parody). A work in progress all about these near moments of "making it", exploring my childhood and working out what to do next in my career through stand-up, songs, political parodies and original characters.

When is it on?

Oh go on then... You can catch it at the Etcetera Theatre, London on 10th October at 7pm (Tickets), or at Creatures Comedy, Manchester on 14thOctober at 2:45pm (Tickets). Liz Truss may even be there!

Published: Monday 9th October 2023

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