The Top 40 Comedy Shows of 2022 - Mark Muldoon's Comedy Diary

I mean, what a year. Was there some kind of magic alchemy in the air that made 2022 such a remarkably good 12 months for comedy? Probably not: more likely to just be how many great ideas laid dormant over 2020 and 2021, quietly being worked on until clowning for a living became viable again.

For comedians, many must have felt it was hard to be noticed, lost amongst a genuine deluge of quality. For the comedy going public though, there was a true embarrassment of riches. It all made for easily the best year of comedy I've witnessed. The shows listed here all represent fantastic pieces of work, topped by an incredible show destined to be remembered as one of the all-time greats.

Where possible to still see the shows, you'll find a link.

Eryn Tett

40. Eryn Tett

Eryn Tett: Finds Her Audience, Just the Tonic at The Tron


Daniel Kitson

39. Daniel Kitson

Outside, Regents Park Theatre

Sami Abu Wardeh

38. Sami Abu Wardeh

Sami Abu Wardeh: Bedu, Soho Theatre


John Robins

37. John Robins

Work in progress, The Tommyfield, Kennington

Quite a big 2023 tour

Sara Barron

36. Sara Barron

Preview, ARGComfest

London run in January

Jazz Emu. Archie Henderson

35. Jazz Emu

You Shouldn't Have, Soho Theatre

London run in February

Jo Caulfield

34. Jo Caulfield

Here Comes Trouble, The Stand

Touring from Sept 2023

Amy Gledhill

33. Amy Gledhill

The Girl Before The Girl You Marry, Monkey Barrell Carnivore

London run in January

Lara Ricote

32. Lara Ricote

GRL/LATNX/DEF, Monkey Barrel @ The Hive

London run starts January

Garrett Millerick. Copyright: Ed Moore

31. Garrett Millerick

Just Trying to Help, Monkey Barrel

Touring in 2023

Mark Watson

30. Mark Watson

This Can't Be It, Pleasance Courtyard

Four tour dates left
Also on Amazon Prime

Catherine Bohart. Copyright: Matt Crockett

29. Gigless

Monkey Barrel


Ivan Gonzalez forces his competitor over the ropes as Joel Dommett looks on at The Wrestling 2017. Copyright: David Monteith-Hodge

28. The Wrestling

Assembly Hall

One off London event in March

The Ranganation. Romesh Ranganathan. Copyright: Zeppotron

27. Romesh Ranganathan + Marlowe

Hackney Earth


Chloe Petts

26. Chloe Petts

Transience, Pleasance Courtyard

Quite a big 2023 tour


25. Tarot

Cautionary Tales, Pleasance Courtyard


Image shows from L to R: Ruby Clyde, Rachel Watkeys Dowie, Shelf. Copyright: Corrine Cumming

24. Shelf

Hair, Pleasance Courtyard

London run starts 4th January

Kim Noble

23. Kim Noble

Lullaby for Scavengers, Soho Theatre

London run in March

Bill Bailey

22. Bill Bailey

En Route To Normal, Wembley Arena

Catherine Bohart

21. Catherine Bohart

This Isn't For You, Monkey Barrel


Ivo Graham

20. Ivo Graham

My Future, My Clutter, Pleasance Courtyard

Fairly big 2023 tour

Rhys Nicholson

19. Rhys Nicholson

Underbelly Bristo Square

Touring in 2023

The Delightful Sausage

18. The Delightful Sausage

Nowt but Sea, Monkey Barrel


Sam Campbell

17. Sam Campbell

Sam Campbell: Comedy Show, Monkey Barrel


Vir Das. Credit: Petra Bosanska

16. Vir Das

Vir Das: Wanted, Hackney Earth

Watch on Netflix

Jordan Gray

15. Jordan Gray

Is It A Bird?, Soho Theatre


James Acaster

14. James Acaster

Work in progress, The Tommyfield, Kennington

Zach Zucker. Copyright: Dylan Woodley

13. Stamptown

Pleasance Dome

Monthly London dates
Glasgow Comedy Festival

Olga Koch

12. Olga Koch

Just Friends, Monkey Barrel


No More Jockeys. Image shows from L to R: Mark Watson, Alex Horne, Tim Key

11. No More Jockeys

Pleasance Dome


A Christmas Carol...ish by Mr Swallow. Nick Mohammed. Credit: Matt Crockett

10. A Christmas Carol...ish by Mr Swallow

Soho Theatre


Sarah Keyworth

9. Sarah Keyworth

Lost Boy, Pleasance Courtyard

Touring in 2023

Josh Pugh

8. Josh Pugh

Sausage, Egg, Josh Pugh, Chips and Beans, Monkey Barrel

Touring in 2023

Sara Pascoe

7. Sara Pascoe

Success Story, Dorking Halls

Lots of tour dates left

Vittorio Angelone

6. Vittorio Angelone

Translations, Monkey Barrel Carnivore

Touring in 2023

Glenn Moore. Copyright: Natasha Pszenicki

5. Glenn Moore

Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me, Glenn I'm Sixty Moore, Pleasance Courtyard

Still touring

Leo Reich

4. Leo Reich

Literally Who Cares?!, Pleasance Courtyard

At Soho Theatre in March

Tim Key

3. Tim Key

Mulberry, Soho Theatre

Lots of tour dates left

Colin Hoult

2. Colin Hoult

The Death of Anna Mann, Pleasance Courtyard

Some tour dates remaining

Liz Kingsman

1. Liz Kingsman

One-Woman Show, Soho Theatre

In London's West End until January 21st

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