The Night We Got The Bird (1961)

The Night We Got The Bird. Image shows from L to R: Bertie Skidmore (Brian Rix), Julie Gibson (Dora Bryan). Copyright: British Lion / STUDIOCANAL.

The Night We Got The Bird

Comic caper following a gormless antiques seller who gets caught up in his new boss's forgery racket

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  • Monday 26th April 2021, 9:18am [Edited]
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As some of you might recollect (or care), I rarely venture into films after 1959, but this was listed as 1960 AND it had not only Irene Handl in it but also Dora Bryan, two of the finest comedy actresses, so who could resist?

First hour was very funny, but then it deteriorated into what looked like being written by Brian Rix** (who was also in it - his wife Elspet Gray also having a bit part) as it became almost pure farce with a bloody awful, stupid and unfunny ending.

**EDIT Just remembered there was actually a scene where Rix's trousers drop to floor - we did laugh.

Many funny faces in it - John Le Mez, Kynaston Reeves (v.funny courtroom scene), Ronald Shiner, Leo Franklyn, Liz Fraser, John Slater, Reginald Beckwith, Terry Scott, Wally Patch ( who was listed as Walter and Wally - odd) and a comedy actor we don't see enough of - an uncredited Robertson Hare, the excellent Archdeacon in All Gas and Gaiters.

Just about worth a watch, especially if you would like to see period scenes of Brighton before so much changed - the prom, the West pier and the Lanes; but I leave you with this quote from Reelstreets :-

"This Whitehall farce set in Brighton and Hove in which Brian Rix plays the buffoon in a film so terrible that Halliwell's Film Guide of 1979 fails to list it. What ignominy!" NUFF SAID.