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Quote: Lazzard @ 3rd May 2021, 9:31 AM

I don't think this is true.
For a start, what we think on this forum has no bearing on the success of a new comedy.
We're fussy and not easily pleased. We should probably get over ourselves.
The public, if they like something are tremendously loyal.
It's the commissioners I'm afraid.
More accurately the layers of commissioners that are needed to be on board.
So if you can send round a video clip of the bloke who writes and stars in the show, in a You Tube video of him actually performing a version of it, people (who would struggle to read a script) find it easier to say yes.
And that's a pretty well verbatim quote from the Head of C4 comedy.

I would agree that the opinions of bcgers are worthless and have no importance, but I think entertainment in general leans towards reboots and sequels because it's low risk with a built in audience. And we as viewers tend to gravitate towards what we know, hence the current obsession with shared universes etc.

And on a broader point, the internet thrives on invective and hyperbole, so new stuff without a built in audience has to survive this gauntlet to survive. And jittery TV execs are less likely to stick with stuff if it's got low viewing figures and getting the shit kicked out of it on social media.

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Quote: chipolata @ 3rd May 2021, 9:46 AM

I would agree that the opinions of bcgers are worthless .........................


I'll have you know mush, I am highly respected with my views on here. Lazzard, I know for one, thinks I walk on water.