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How do you deal with rejection? Page 3


Michael Monkhouse

  • Sunday 3rd May 2020, 8:34am
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Quote: Chappers @ 2nd May 2020, 10:54 PM

Your mentality has always been that you're mental.

I'm fine now. The voices told me.


Mick R

  • Monday 24th August 2020, 9:15pm
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Just think of the sitcoms you think are really bad and think to yourself, if that got on tv so can my stuff.
I also think JK Rowling got rejected a few times. Imagine if she gave up?!

Enjoying writing also helps. I love it.
I am scared of rejection so dont really send anything off.
Apparently though some production companies do read unsolicited material (according to Daisy May Cooper) even though they say they don't. So you could always send stuff off and if you dont hear back just think "ah maybe they ain't reading unsolicited material." That way you wont feel as deflated.