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Tarby that's blasphemous, although I'd agree with you on their nonsense lyrics.
I hate gangster rap but love Nicki Minaj Barbie rap.



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Quote: Definitely Tarby @ 17th December 2019, 9:17 PM

I might need to go in to hiding by saying this but I cannot stand The Beatles. Random lyrics about Walruses and submarines really f**ks me off. I have nothing against the members of the band and there are a few songs I do like but most of them sound like songs created for Playschool.

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Quote: Firkin @ 21st December 2019, 10:43 AM

I'd agree with you on their nonsense lyrics.

It depends which lyrics we're talking about, I suppose.

Clearly, some of the strange lyrics came from imaginations enhanced by illegal substances but others were written by John Lennon in response to people's never-ending attempts to "analyse" the Beatles' song lyrics.

According to John, there is absolutely no significance in any of the lyrics of "I am the walrus". No symbolism, no metaphors, no double meanings, nothing! It's just a collection of words put together to make a song.

The snag is that I've never been completely sure when John is telling us the truth and when he isn't.

One of the few things of which I am fairly sure is that he was telling us the truth when he said that some of his strange lyrics were written simply for the purpose of winding up the people who he knew for a fact would set about trying to analyse them.

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john tregorran

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Yes,I am the Walrus was supposed to have been written after JL heard that a university lecturer was holding courses into the hidden meaning of Beatle lyrics.
I don't like all their songs but most of them,from the catchy love songs of the early days to the more adventurous stuff later on.Even today they are the favourite group of a lot of pop stars.And for people of my age,they certainly changed pop music for the better.

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Rylan on Radio 2. He epitomises everything that is wrong with so-called Culture in this country.