Jonathan Pie's American Pie

Jonathan Pie's American Pie. Jonathan Pie (Tom Walker).

Jonathan Pie's American Pie

Mockumentary starring the character Jonathan Pie



  • Monday 21st January 2019, 9:52am
  • England
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Never seen his stuff before but this made me laugh out loud several times. But reading online ot seems quite a few people hate him, is that a more general consensus? What do people here think of him

AvatarBCG Supporter


  • Monday 21st January 2019, 1:12pm
  • Ludlow, England
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I think he's brilliant.
His work is nuanced - which makes the Corbynistas dislike him - as well as being of the left, thus alienating right-wingers.
I think the left thought they had an unquestioning, on-message champion (the only kind they like) but it turns out he's got a mind of his own.
He's the smartest political comic out there, IMHO.


Rood Eye

  • Monday 21st January 2019, 3:05pm
  • England
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Jonathan is an absolute star.

Comedy is never better than when passionate, and Jonathan is nothing if not passionate.

Whatever it is that he actually is, he's certainly not an idiot. He accepts that not every Trump supporter is a racist, a misogynist and a bigot. He also accepts that the leader of the British Labour Party has every right to be left-wing.

One could analyse his comedy until the cows come home, but what would be the point?

He's funny and, for a comedy writer and/or performer, that's all that really matters.


Stephen Goodlad

  • Monday 21st January 2019, 3:25pm
  • Mirfield, England
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I love his anti pc rants - and agree with most of it



  • Thursday 9th May 2019, 10:12am
  • United States
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I have never read about or watched too much of Jonathan's stuff but this poster definitely made me LOL



  • Thursday 9th May 2019, 11:20am [Edited]
  • United Kingdom
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He's brilliant. I'm guessing people deride his Political views, because the comedy is excellent. Only seen his reporter ranting to camera stuff, where 5 minutes at a time is about my limit for that. So looking forward to see if he has depth of character enough to stretches it out for 58 minutes.

AvatarBCG Supporter


  • Thursday 9th May 2019, 12:04pm
  • United Kingdom
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Apparently this was supposed to be about the midterm elections but the Democrats won them so he had to just repeat his guff about the 2016 election rather than have anything new to look at. Or at least, that's what I very vaguely remember reading or hearing.

The character is wafer-thin. Let's face it, it's just a man saying his political opinions verbatim.