Comedy episode with naked Scandinavian guy in kitchen? :-)

2point4 Children. Image shows from L to R: Jenny (Clare Buckfield), Bill (Belinda Lang), David (John Pickard), Ben (Gary Olsen). Copyright: BBC.

2point4 Children

The Porters seem to be a perfectly average bunch - mum, dad, son and daughter. This family, however, are anything but ordinary



  • Tuesday 14th November 2017, 9:11pm
  • United Kingdom
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Hi. I cannot trace which sitcom this scene comes from - eighties or early nineties I think, a fortyish woman drops in on her friend and finds her having an awkward breakfast with her naked Scandinavian one-night-stand who apparently doesn't speak a word of English. Ring any bells?


Paul Wimsett

  • Wednesday 15th November 2017, 3:21pm [Edited]
  • Folkestone, United Kingdom
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Yes, it was the worst episode of the Muppets ever.

Okay, I don't know.



  • Saturday 25th November 2017, 10:23am
  • Scotland, United Kingdom
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You're thinking of the wonderful 2point4Children. Bill dropped round on Rona to find a naked Scandinavian man, Sven, in her kitchen. It's the first series, episode 2 (Saturday Night and Sunday Morning).