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  • Friday 13th October 2017, 4:28pm
  • Turkey
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Hi guys.

I'm Bentley (yes, real name. yes, unkind parents. yes... a miserable childhood) from Turkey.
Discovered the site and the forums after a new found obsession with Newsjack.

Am a disillusioned lawyer living in Istanbul and do improv on the side to keep me sane. Love consuming any and all things comedy related and have recently gone back to watching classic Christopher Guest films and Martin Short-era (and earlier) SNL.

Have tried my hand at stand up once, but decided I need to learn how to write proper jokes before I climb back onstage :)

Have really enjoyed exploring the forums and look forward to chatting to you all.

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  • Friday 13th October 2017, 4:40pm
  • The Lone Star State, United States
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Howdy from Texas!


1) Several of my Army buddies were stationed in Sinop and loved it.

2) Things aren't so great with Turkey NATO-wise these days.

3) Turks don't like cottage cheese (because of all the curds).

4) I am in love with the Adana kebabs at my local Turkish restaurant.

5) It's Istanbul, not Constantinople.

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  • Friday 13th October 2017, 7:06pm
  • Malaga and Brighton, United Kingdom
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Welcome, Bentley!

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Will Cam

  • Friday 13th October 2017, 10:32pm
  • England
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Welcome to the site Bentley.



  • Saturday 14th October 2017, 4:50am
  • Oregon USA, United States
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Hi Bentley. I think your name has been growing in popularity in the US lately. Lots of people naming their babies Bentley. I kind of like it.

Welcome to the site! Glad to have you.



  • Tuesday 17th October 2017, 10:59am
  • England
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Hi Bentley, welcome to the site.