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Quote: gappy @ 9th October 2017, 10:53 AM

If all else fails, blow up the room. Laughing out loud

I decided to use this method in last week's Skit Comp. Got me nowhere. Laughing out loud


Edward Picot

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In character-based comedy, a sudden reversal to reveal a character's inner thoughts always seems to work well. Quite similar to the sudden shift of tone. For example: Mrs Hattersley, a rich old lady with a cat called Tiddles, has been trying to get out of paying her medical bill, but at the end of the episode she realises she's got to pay after all.

Mrs Hattersley [philosophically]: Oh well, it looks as if I shall just have to pay after all. Come here, Tiddles. Mummy's got something for you.

[Booting noise. Caterwaul, and shot of cat flying through the air. Cut to black.]