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  • Friday 23rd June 2017, 9:22pm
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Marc is excellent. As is Dave Cohen, who I have used recently. Or indeed post a few scenes in "Critique". There are a fair few people here who know what they are talking about - Lazzard and Beaky being two of them.

I wouldn't show friends if you want decent feedback. They know the script is your baby, and no-one likes telling their friend that they have an ugly baby.

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  • Friday 23rd June 2017, 9:42pm
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Hi Joshua,

Totally agree with the advice from Lazzard and Jennie. Bear in mind that there are hundreds/thousands of writers in a similar position to you, so the bar to entry is necessarily set quite high.

It's also worth thinking about this situation from the inverse perspective - e.g. what do the Producers and Agents want, rather than what you want. Broadly speaking I'd suggest a Producer wants to find good scripts they can pitch and (eventually) sell to a specific set of publishers they work with and the Agent wants to find good writers they can make money from, in the fields they specialise in.

So in that sense, it's worth finding out what flavour of the above Producers, Agents and publishers are looking for and seeing if you match their needs. You might not. You might not have the flavour of work they're looking for or you might not, in their eyes, be good enough. You might need to wait until your style of work becomes fashionable or you might simply need to put in the hours to improve yourself and your script. Or you might find that someone out there totally 'gets' your voice and wants to produce it!

I'll also add in that networking can open up doors that might get you there quicker, so it's worth putting in the time with those in the industry to build contacts and relationships.

Broadly speaking, I'm of the view that if your script is REALLY GOOD and you can get someone to read it, you MIGHT be lucky enough start off down a path that COULD eventually get somewhere...

There's a great article from David Charles below, the co-writer of Foiled, which shows how that show took 4 years(!) to reach BBC Radio Wales

Of course, everyone's experience is different!

In terms of script reports, then please do have a look at I'm not as experienced as Marc or Dave, but my rates are competitive and there are lots of lovely testimonials from happy customers to have a look at.


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