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Wayne Parsons

  • Thursday 14th July 2016, 5:12pm
  • Sheffield, England
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... I'm finally committing to writing what I want to write after recently leaving an admittedly enjoyable, but somewhat distracting sixteen-year-long career as a video game designer. From now on I won't be writing to formulas, existing franchise outlines or for the delight of PlayStation gamers - time to dust off the screenplays I haven't had time to work on since my MA in Screenwriting course ended, take the note pads out of the draw, and re-engage with what inspired me to write in the first place: comedy! Dafter the better - big fan of H2G2, Python, Brit Sitcoms, Comic Strip Presents, Victoria Wood, and on and on and on. Looking forward to getting to know some you soon. Cheers. :)



  • Thursday 14th July 2016, 7:54pm
  • Malaga and Brighton, United Kingdom
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