Mr Sloane

There is a thread for Mr Sloane under "Film, Comedy Drama & Other" but it got 3 replies and I think this is due to being in the incorrect forum.

It's a sitcom! An excellent one at that. Granted I have only started watching through Sky Go's box set facility - in which you can catch up on the whole series. I've just finished the first episode and I'm already hooked (not often that happens!).

It's entertaining, funny and original. Not since Black Books have I been hooked so quickly and thought this could be something brilliant. Nick Frost is very natural and plays his part with ease. As always Olivia Coleman is superb.

Looking forward to episode 2 tonight!

I liked it too.

As I am a Virgin Media customer I don't receive Sky Atlantic, hence I rented it on DVD. It was well-written and acted, but not hugely funny IMO. I wonder if another series is planned? The period detail was good though.