Mrs Merton & Malcolm

No thread on this sitcom so I thought I'd start one.

Just watched the series and thoroughly enjoyed - especially episode 2.

Another brilliant turn out from stalwart Brian Murphy (Man About the House, George and Mildred, Last of the Summer Wine) as well as Steve Coogan cameos (in voice and person).

Only lasted one series because some of the public found the relationship a little disturbing (?incestuous).

There was a plan for a Christmas special but was canned - as Craig Cash said "We wouldn't want to put people off their Christmas dinner".

The sitcom stemmed from Aherne's chat show - The Mrs Merton Show (which is also worth a watch - some great interviews including, off the top of my head, Martin Clunes, Steve Coogan, Ant & Dec, Richard Wilson, Michael Parkinson, Vic & Bob, Rolf Harris, Jimmy Tarbuck and David Lee Travis (all pre allegations) etc etc).

Anyway, just wondered if anyone had watched it and had thoughts on it?

Used to watch it in the early 2000's when it used to be repeated on UKTV G2 which is now Dave so yes I used to like it but I haven't seen it for many many years!