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The Strangerers by Rob Grant

Not bad actually

To catch a copper (channel 4)

A series following disciplinary procedures against rouge police officers.

One picked up a very drunk girl and had sex with her in his police car.
Another abused a woman with obvious mental health problems and pepper sprayed her while she was sitting in the cop car
And others abused a woman in a wheelchair.
All three cases were shocking and upsetting but they all got off charges.

Sounds like they should change the name of the show.

And they were all wearing body cams so everything they did and said was being recorded as evidence

Thick bastards

Quote: Stephen Goodlad @ 30th January 2024, 8:02 AM

All three cases were shocking and upsetting but they all got off charges.


Never trust the po-po. So massively corrupt.

Quote: zooo @ 12th January 2024, 5:37 PM

It's so good! The Diane twist! The traitors turning on each other! Claudia's outfits!

Just caught the last one.
Great show.
Not usually a fan of this sort of thing - but this show is really well-designed.

The Crystal Maze on Challenge TV. The mystery games were my favourite and I've done an escape room which was very spooky. I'd love to do an escape room that has actors who interact with you in a critical situation like a bomb countdown. Working for a theatre company doing that would be a dream job.

The Man from Auntie

What am I watching on TV?

Nothing actually, because one of the recent storms broke my FreeSat satellite dish and since I am still recovering from a broken hip, I can't climb ladders to fix and align the new dish even though I have bought all the replacement parts. :-(

For those with Netflix One Day is really rather charming.
Not a comedy as such - but lots of funny lines /action etc
Taken from the novel of the same name, I was a little wary as it looked on the surface to be a bit 'light', but the better half had read the book and was very keen to see it.
And I'm glad we did.
It's also got a great soundtrack with songs that take you right back to the 80/90's
14 bit-size episodes makes it a very convenient watch, too.

Ah, on your recommendation, I gave it a look.
I liked Ambika Mod (the Asian girl) in 'This is going to hurt and I like her in this.
There are some clever unspoken parts - especially when his parents turned up and he couldn't say 'girlfriend.
But when her 'boyfriend was wearing the exact shirt I wore in the 80's, I was sold.
I've watched 4 or 5 and it definitely grows on you.

We've got two left.
Really enjoying it - and you're right - they really get the details right in terms of period.
There are some cracking playlists on Spotify, too, if you want a further shot of nostalgia.

Quote: lofthouse @ 9th February 2024, 5:25 PM

The Man from Auntie

The beginning of the end.

To catch a copper - again.
Not one in the series has faced jail or punishment.

Last night one copper has been sending 'dick pics' to female officers since the early 2000's plus lots of pervy things. He got official and written warnings but continued to do it fo 20 years.
Another posted 100's of images of his different girlfriends, naked, online without their knowledge.

I think people only send dick pics cos it sounds snappy. Penis photo - not the same.