Larks Page 416

Beastie Boys - You Got To Bullfight For Your Right To Party

Gibraltered Images - Don't Talk To Me About Love

Dave Matthews Band - Don't Drink The Water

Heaven 17 - We Don't Need No Fascist Groove Thang

The Sweet - Flamenco-Co

Roy Orbison - Only the Barcelonely

Future - Pie-ella

The Moody Blues - Day Go Now

The Pointer Siestas

Classical Gazpacho

Banderas On The Run

Chili Love Songs

Spanish Harlem-Ben E.Dorm

Olé Murs

Elton Juan & Qué Qué Dee

Cry Me Arriva

Galicia Keys
Pussy Catalan Dolls
Limp Basque It

Granada Surf
Taja Seville
San John Sebastian
Cadizzy Rascal

Ozark Mountain Santander Devils
Gironan Keating
Balearic Astley
Bilbao Wow Wow

Jerez de la Fronterrorvision
Extremaduran Duran
Santillana del Martine McCutcheon
Pamplona Faith

Frank Zapata

The Mars Vuelta

Quicksilver Messenger Cerveza

This one was originally in the film "Blue Dentist":

In X Espana - Cepillo de Dientes Tit

Never A Nadal Moment

Lazy Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Afternoon.

The 7th meal
Curry on Camping
In a lonely plaice
Cries and whiskas
The grub-u-ate
Nosh Landing (I know)
Sliding cores
Green gobblin'
Minty Python's Beaning of Slice
Rolled Dal's Snails of the uneggspected

Spanish pop

The Turronettes
My Sherry amour

Back to the UK

Rip rig and panic buy
Panic buy buy baby
Say hello wave panic buy ( Soft paper cell )
Me my self isolation i ( Joan Armatradinghoursrestrictedtoallowrestocking)


Miliband On The Run

Heart Of Glasnost

Harlem Reshuffle

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