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  • Saturday 28th March 2009, 9:29pm [Edited]
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Is anyone else watching this 'interesting' excuse for comedy? Probably not, as it appears to have been listed as a nature programme. And perhaps rightly so: it's ... well, not funny. IMO. Takes footage from the BBC's natural history archive and dubs it with 'speech' written and performed by Jason Manford and a number of others.

NATURE: Walk On The Wild Side
On: BBC One
Date: Saturday 28th March 2009
Time: 17:05 to 17:35

Meet the Not-Very-Scary-Sharks, the Scratching Badgers, the DIY Orangutan, the Vultures' Flying School and a marmot called Alan. They all come together in this show which combines the comedy talents of Jason Manford and friends together with some jaw-dropping natural history footage.

Starring: Jason Manford, Harriet Carmichael, Rhod Gilbert, Sarah Millican, Harry Peacock, Isy Suttie




  • Saturday 28th March 2009, 9:40pm
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Sounds awful. One of the worst things on TV is clips of animals dubbed with 'comical' human speech to make it appear as if the animals are talking.



  • Saturday 28th March 2009, 9:52pm
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Yes, it was indeed awful. My new year's resolution, both this and last year, was to watch every new episode of British comedy. But this, there's 7 more episodes. I barely managed one. I'm filing it as family-friendly entertainment so I don't have to watch any more.

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  • Sunday 29th March 2009, 2:12am
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Not seen it but is is just like Animal Magic with Johnny Morris?