Father Ted obscenity report

I don't know if anyone has seen this before, I didn't see it in a search.

This is an obscenity report the BBC had to put together to sell Father Ted to the American Network PBS. It makes hilarious reading. Particularly the Old Grey Whistle Theft section where they use the real swear words instead of the fake ones in the show.

Father Ted Obscenity Report

I notice for all their efforts that the transcriber wasn't able to distinguish between "fup" and "f**k".

Almost as good as the show itself ;)

Oh, good, now I don't have to compile the list myself.

Oh dear!

Crap joke 1:

Obscenity Report? I thought I was reading the script for a new BBC Three sitcom.

Crap joke 2:

Obscenity Report - starring that gobshite Tom Feckin' Cruise

I would like the person who complied that list's job.


ah man, now that's funny.